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Since 2004 Lifescience Dynamics has earned a stellar reputation for high quality work and impeccable ethics; we provide actionable insight and foresight to our clients across the globe, whilst maintaining the highest standards and service. Our world-class team is currently spread across six offices: London (HQ), Vancouver, Toronto, Boston, New York and San Francisco, with strategic partners in Latin America and Asia.

With so few blockbuster drugs on the horizon and many key disease areas well served by generics, innovation in the pharmaceutical market now focuses on precision and targeted medicine including biologics, regenerative and gene therapies. In these challenging times, pharmaceutical and biotech clients require a thought partner for decision support, and it is here that Lifescience Dynamics is second-to-none.

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Product Lead

Vin Gokhale, MD, MBA

Engagement Manager

Office: London

With extensive experience in market research, Vin specialises in qualitative and semi-quantitative methodologies. He has successfully conducted numerous projects utilising iAdBoard with HCPs, patients, and carers, uncovering valuable insights to inform business strategies. Passionate about leveraging research to drive impactful decisions, Vin enjoys collaborating with insights and brand teams to help them get the most value out of their budgets.

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