iAdBoard®: An online solution for traditional research

Deeper insights

Measured, considered, reasoned responses.


24/7 global access and ease of use gives ultimate flexibility for participants and clients.

High-quality recruits

Time-pressured targets who do not usually participate in research are more willing due to flexibility of time and place.

Global reach

Cloud-based architecture removes barriers of geography and physical distance. Translated into major languages and moderated in 15 native languages.

Time efficiency

Studies allows faster recruitment and no need to book a central location.

User-friendly interface

Based on the ease of popular social media interfaces, allowing enhanced user experience.

Research done your way - one platform with everything you need!

Overcome logistical challenges

Overcome logistical challenges with on-site debate. Respondents are able to integrate research into their everyday lives. Topics of interest are posted every day. Respondents contemplate topics and consult colleagues.

Greater depth of insight

Greater depth of insight compared with TDIs. Highly efficient qualitative and semi-qualitative data collection approach: deeper, more considered responses, easy set-up, easier recruitment and lower costs.

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